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My marketing journey began over 10 years ago as a consultant for Deloitte. I had the fortune of working as a strategist on accounts like Target, Best Buy and the DoD. After a few years I realized I couldn’t work for people , so I quit and started my own company.

It was a rocky few years, with a number of pivots, but eventually I found my path. Flash forward to present date … I’ve had 2 exits, 5 multi million dollar companies, 70+ employees and helped hundreds of clients grow their businesses through digital channels.

I love what I do for a living and I want to share my passion with your audience.

Your audience will leave with valuable knowledge they didn’t have before. My talks are built on real, data-driven, case studies on how to grow a business using the internet.

I encourage you to check out my YouTube Channel (over 1M views) to see the value and impact of my talks and take a look at some of the companies in my portfolio.

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I apply this framework to every website I work on - both for myself and client’s of mine. Let’s look at the results from a recent consulting client, Ardent Cannabis…

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