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It’s almost ironic.

We help clients with their marketing, meanwhile our sites are collecting dust.

Marketing your own agency is always overlooked, generally because you’re too just busy.

In this week’s live podcast, I talk about the scalable strategies I use to create content and market my agency (and other businesses).

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creating content
  • Always overlooked. We get so lost marketing our clients, we forget to market our agencies.
  • Content is a cornerstone. There’s certain types of ‘content’ you need to have as a foundation.
  • INVEST in yourself. Ecom invest in inventory. SaaS invest in dev. Service invests in PEOPLE. Content is your voice & message, it costs money but BELIEVE in yourself and invest.
create case studies
  • Prospects care about results.
  • Case studies are a necessary part of your website and sales process.
  • If you don’t have results, build your own assets or help for free – they’re that important.

Here’s a few sites that do it well…

From The Future



formatting case studies
service pages
  • Service pages offer important support, structural and conversion pages to your site
  • It’s best to get specific with your offerings (SEO vs end to end digital)
  • Reviews matter, they’re a huge selling points
  • For agencies, Google My Business, Clutch and Facebook are the most impactful (in that order)
  • Written testimonials work best when they come from a person of recognition or influence in the space. Otherwise, they can come off as fake
  • Video testimonials are gold, but tough to get. If you can get someone to take a quick screen record, that’s great, if you can send a camera crew to record something official, that’s the best.
  • Hire a photographer or videographer to show yourself (and staff if you have them)
  • Prospects want to work with people, sell yourself

  • You may not use them a lot, but we want to present a cohesive brand / look / feel across your properties
  • Prospects will check in on them, we need to look like we know what we’re doing
  • This persona should and will change as your agency grows and expands
  • You have to understand where you are in your agency’s life cycle to build out proper personas
content by stage
  • Not every piece of content will drive leads
  • Some content should serve to bring awareness and reach to your agency
  • This is critically important in a market that’s saturated with spam, clickbait and false claims
  • The first touchpoint with your brand, how can you connect positively and prove value?
  • Industry and audience related, not necessarily service related
  • Warm people up and get them familiar with you so NEXT TIME they see your stuff, they’ll click for sure
mid funnel content
  • The second touchpoint, now is when we can add more technical / strategic value to show our chops
  • Case studies and real examples play really well here, advanced guides targeted to your audience
buttom funnel content
  • Any point of conversion, could be for a lead or just an email opt in
  • This could be your sales pages, but also could be a giveaway (tripwire) that you offer and then upsell services
  • Other marketers might tell you this is top funnel marketing, it’s not. NEVER run offers to people who don’t know who you are that’s churn and burn shit
content ideas one
  • Tremendous increase in organic traffic when past articles are updated and made relevant
  • Use Ahrefs / SEMrush to find pages with keyword rankings on the cusp
  • Or GA to find pages losing traffic, rethink and rebuild
content ideas two
  • What problems do my customers face?
  • Use Ahrefs / SEMrush to validate the data
content ideas three
  • The same process we follow for clients
  • Use Google or Ahrefs / SEMrush to grab keywords from competitors or industry leaders
cotent creation process

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