ecom vs b2b seo

eCommerce vs B2B – SEO Strategy & Pricing Plan

While there’s similarities in most SEO campaigns in regards to the process you follow, there’s nuances in execution. This is especially prevalent when looking at executing SEO campaigns in different verticals. In particular, B2B vs eCommerce SEO campaigns. In this article, I’ll be discussing the differences in B2B vs Ecommerce SEO campaigns and where to…

How KlientBoost Grew to $10m ARR in 4 Years

$800k in MRR?!? Johnathan Dane Opens Up on Agency Growth

How do you grow an agency to multiple 7 figures in just a few years? That question will be answered with this interview that I conducted with Jonathan Dane. You definitely want to read this one. Jonathan Dane is the CEO of KlientBoost, an agency based in San Diego that is about to close $10m…

how to offer low cost seo services

How to Offer Low Cost SEO Services ($300/month)

This topic came up when someone in The Blueprint Training asked how to charge a yoga studio for SEO services, knowing they have a small budget ($300 – 500/month). To answer that, I will be talking about how to offer low cost SEO services. Prefer to listen to the audio version? Subscribe to the podcast…

link building pricing strategies

3 Ways to Charge For Link Building Services

Link building remains a critical SEO ranking factor for search engines. As an agency or consultant, it’s difficult to price out link building services. This article will cover my 3 recommended ways to charge for link building services. Selling per link Retainer fees Outsourcing Let’s dive into each of them. Prefer to listen to the…

How to Market Your Agency When You’re Too Busy

It’s almost ironic. We help clients with their marketing, meanwhile our sites are collecting dust. Marketing your own agency is always overlooked, generally because you’re too just busy. In this week’s live podcast, I talk about the scalable strategies I use to create content and market my agency (and other businesses). If you are trying…

hick ticket sales for agencies

How to Land Bigger Clients for Your Agency

It’s really, really hard to scale an agency with low retainer clients. Don’t get me wrong, when you’re first getting started, take any work you can get. But as you build your practice, improve your service and get more experience, you’ll realize you need to get paid more to deliver a higher quality service. You…

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